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Hey, Listen

So today on twitter, a dear friend brought up the subject of how empathy differs from sympathy and the importance of learning it. It’s not a skill that is really valued or emphasized in our culture, which is arguably one of the reasons we tend to have so much difficulty having a real discussion about difficult subjects. At the end of a series of tweets, she said “Alright class over go home”.

Thank You, Ryan

So the only time I met Ryan Davis in person, he gave me Giant Bomb stickers and told me to put them on cop cars. — Andy Keener (@reibeatall) If you follow video game news, you probably already know it, but Ryan Davis of GiantBomb has died. I never met the man personally, but many of the people who knew him have been writing amazing tributes that confirm my impressions of the man.

Picking Up

originally posted on tumblr (warning that this will get triggery) Okay, there’s this pickup-manual kickstarter that’s about to fund, and it’s super fucking disgusting, and KS is likely to not do anything about it. This isn’t actually about that specific thing, but thinking about it made me want to throw out some thoughts about the whole PUA thing in general and maybe do some therapy on myself at the same time.

Fun with zsh themes

I’ve been having lots of fun for the last couple of weeks mucking about with different version control systems; choosing whether to focus personally on Git or Mercurial (Git won, though only just), and getting comfortable with it. As part of the process, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff people have written about both systems, and poke around many tools for making life with them more pleasant. Steve Losh’s extravagant zsh prompt is one of those.

Music of 2010

My annual (note: not actually annual) non-definitive list of albums I liked from the last year. Amanda Palmer, Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukelele. This shouldn’t work as anything but a stunt, but it actually does. Arcade Fire, The Suburbs. The album I’d hoped Neon Bible would be. The Books, The Way Out. This group may be the canonical example of how I love things that almost nobody else I know would like, but those people are missing out.